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     Been looking for cheap cleaners for a while and Wandsworth Carpet Cleaning were the cheapest I could find and had the best reviews, I'm very pleased with the service so far.
Somon Donovan 19/05/2020
     The cleaning crew from Wandsworth Carpet Cleaning do such a great job on our home!
Dominick Payne19/09/2019
     WandsworthCarpetCleaners were called in to give our house a full clean just before Christmas. The team worked tirelessly for three days to give our house a clean and tidy feel. The ceilings were dusted, the kitchen and appliances were cleaned and our bathroom tiles were scrubbed. All the work was done so meticulously, I am really happy that I hired this cleaning company. My house looked all new and refurbished thanks to you!
Mr and Mrs Cook 19/08/2015
     I can't boast enough about the stellar quality of service offered by WandsworthCarpetCleaners nor can I rave enough about the reasonable prices. We've just had family and friends staying with us for a week, so when they all left, we hired this cleaning firm to come and give the house a good scrubbing! Now we can enjoy relaxing in our spotless and hygienic home once again, all thanks to your attention to detail and personal touches! Thanks for your care and consideration!
     We have used WandsworthCarpetCleaners for our cleaning work for over a year now and the service we get is great. They are always on time and stay for the full two hours, and they get a lot of work done in that time. The work they have done has varied and they don't just stick to the same job each week. The cleaners bring all their own cleaning materials with them and this means they can get on with the work without me having to re-stock things for them. It's very easy to use this cleaning company and I would recommend them.
Alastair J.14/11/2014
     I need my upholstery cleaning done quite often as we have such a big, busy household which means loads of people in and out and of course that means loads of dirt and even sometimes stains. I go to WandsworthCarpetCleaners for my upholstery cleaning because they have made a great name for themselves in my local area and they quoted me a price I just could not resist. Their cleaners are polite and smart and always arrive on time and take instruction very well indeed. They do such a great job the upholstery is spotless!
Nina Ryan09/10/2014
     I usually house clean on the weekends when I have some extra time on hand, but for my hardwood floors I only trust WandsworthCarpetCleaners. My husband and I spent a lot of time and money on the right flooring for the house. They require some cleaning and maintenance every now and then and I wanted to hire a cleaning agency that I could trust with my beautiful floors. With this team my floors are always spotless and guests in our home are always complimenting them. Give the company a go; you won't regret it!
     Working in a restaurant, I know how important it is for the cooking and food area to be kept and maintained clean and tidy. I am so lucky to have found WandsworthCarpetCleaners as they understand that too, and I look forward to their cleaning visits. They know exactly what it is that they are doing, and they provide an excellent service, at a very reasonable price. I never thought that I would be able to find a cleaning company such as this one, as all my other experiences have been very negative. Very happy and pleased to recommend to friends and family.
     I was expecting to only need WandsworthCarpetCleaners just the once. Me and my husband decided that the place needed a professional touch-up, so we gave them a call. We were having a family get together, and we needed the house to look spotless. But after we saw the results, we couldn't help but hire them again! They provide a friendly and dependable service, both whether you're in or out for the day, and are easy to trust. Everything looked great at the end of the day, and now they are part of our weekly routine! It really was a flawless experience.
     I was in need of a home cleaning service after I hurt my back. I couldn't move around very well and the chores were building up. My mum told me about a company she had seen advertised in the area and had some special offers available. So I called WandsworthCarpetCleaners were brilliant. I had a general clean up and the cleaning ladies dusted, washed, swept, vacuumed and mopped until the house was thoroughly clean. The work they did was wonderful, and the price was affordable too. There were a lot of good deals on offer so I have booked a weekly appointment for now until I feel a bit better.
Sherilyn Sarver24/07/2014
     I used to clean my own office as it is quite small, but as my business grew and expanded I just didn't have the time I needed to keep the work space clean and sanitary. WandsworthCarpetCleaners have helped me so much with my office cleaning, and the cleaners are exceptional at what they do. I've had no problems or issues with the staff or the service, which is very thorough and professional. I'll be sticking with this company for quite a while as I truly am very impressed with this fantastic office cleaning company! I recommend this company wholeheartedly if you have your own office!
Bethany Charles08/07/2014
     If I could do this review in two words, it would simply be ‘Thank you.' WandsworthCarpetCleaners have made my life better by making my home cleaner their determined staff and their great support have allowed me and my family to have lovely, clean home that would not have been possible without them. I have to thank their operators for helping me get the right services and a good deal, but my greatest gratitude goes with the cleaners themselves. They were friendly, flexible and did all the work required of them in no time. I'm completely impressed with what they did for me and I'm sure you will be too if you hire them.
Gregory Flowers20/06/2014
     Probably the best cleaning service I've had the pleasure of working with, WandsworthCarpetCleaners delivered a great service and I thought that it was only fair that I come on here and say my thanks for a service which they delivered in a fantastic manner. I'm not really sure what my expectations were going into this (I haven't really hired a cleaning service before) but I can definitely say that I'm impressed. I was looking for just the single cleaning service, but since then I've had them round fairly regularly and they really have been excellent. Great service.
Lawrence Griffin04/06/2014
     Cleaning is not my forte, but it certainly is for WandsworthCarpetCleaners, which makes us a great team. It works like this; I give them a call, they come over and clean my place, and then I give them some money, which in my opinion does not nearly equate to how hard they have worked, or at least how hard I would have had to have worked to get the place looking as excellent as it always does. It's pretty simple, and apparently everyone walks away happy! Who would have known that a cleaning company would satisfy me like they do!
Russell H.14/05/2014
     It's a beautiful thing to see a house cleaned in a way that you could not imagine achieving, and this is exactly what I got from my recent job by WandsworthCarpetCleaners. They sorted out the whole house, form the carpets to the oven, via the bathroom, and the place looks AMAZING! You cannot understand quite how thrilled I am to have found this lot, they really have changed the game for good, as I'll never be happy with anything less going forward! And with such good value, why would I!?
Frederick M.29/04/2014
     WandsworthCarpetCleaners were a cleaning company that I wanted to try, but my husband wasn't sold on the idea. It took a lot of convincing, but eventually we hired the company for a one-off clean. I wanted a thorough clean that would be easy to maintain once done professionally, but now we have a regular house cleaner! The company were very friendly which I appreciated, and they put all of our worries to rest with their professionalism and experience. There's no way I'll ever go back to cleaning my own home after seeing what they can do, and I'll never use a different company either!
Denise S.17/04/2014
     I was hosting a surprise 60th birthday party for my mum and wanted to have my carpets and upholstery cleaned before the big day (since there would be 50+ people coming). I called WandsworthCarpetCleaners and friendly staff tried their best to fit me in before the big day. On the day of the clean, I was surprised to see how clean my carpets and upholstery became. All stains were removed and the aroma from the shampoo lasted absolutely ages! Needless to say I was an excellent host and the party was an absolute success - thank you very much for an excellent service.
Holly Sharpe27/03/2014
     If you don't keep your home clean then you might find yourself living in unsanitary conditions. My house wasn't quite that bad before I called WandsworthCarpetCleaners, but it was definitely far from clean! I have pets, and I was forever trying to tackle mucky paw prints and bad odours. I ended up calling the company to help me because it just got too much for me to handle, and my house was pretty unsanitary! I was pretty embarrassed about what the cleaner might think of the place, but she was very professional and didn't seem bothered! In just a few hours my house looked better than perfect, and I'm a regular customer now!
John H.25/02/2014

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